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The Iraq Study Group Report

To even imply that there might exist a “magic formula” to solve the problems of Iraq is unreal. Yes, many Americans are dissatisfied, not just with the situation in Iraq but with the state of our political debate regarding Iraq because we consider our political leadership inept, incompetent, and more than dysfunctional.

Our political leaders still don’t “get it” when they think we must build a bipartisan approach to bring a responsible conclusion to the war in Iraq. They missed the “Big Kahuna” when they had the chance, and fired in the wrong direction. Aside from the fact that the only thing extremists of any stripe understand is brute force, they have missed the key point that it was a brute who maintained order by force.

Now we wonder, as we scratch our heads in wonderment, why we are over in Iraq trying to teach these people manners, when they have no capacity for understanding “manners”. The manners of which I speak is democracy. Democracy, as an experiment, lasted over 100 years before the United States experienced its own Civil War, and we are well overdue another “evolution” in our country, possibly a revolution of sorts – if not in mindset – but also in ontological reality.

Along comes the Iraq Study Group and their illustrious panel and they give us a “solution” to this problem by stating that we must redeploy our military? To what? By when? 2008! And all the while they have yet to declare a timetable! Call it what you want, but it still sounds like “cut and run”.

What’s worse is their notion of embedding our military into the Iraqi forces as advisors: an Iraqi force that has neither the compentency, nor resolve, to stand up and defend its own turf. Pardon me for having flashbacks, but this is remeniscent of Viet Nam in its interminable war by an apethetic populace who doesn’t want to stand its ground, but would rather pay off the mafia thug for protection.

“No one can guarantee that any course of action in Iraq at this point will stop sectarian warfare, growing violence, or a slide toward chaos.”

No joke intended here, but perhaps a prophecy would be more appropriate:

Given the current trends, the potential consequences will, indeed, be severe. Because of the role and responsibility of the United States in Iraq, the commitments our government has made has caused it to “stay the course”, otherwise suffer embarrassment for not keeping our word.

The United States has long-term relationships and interests at stake in the Middle East – namely oil – and needs to stay engaged. Otherwise they will become victims of overzealous socialists in our own hemisphere, namely Hugo Chavez and his ilk, and Kim Jung Il in Korea. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s not forget about the guy they’re considering cozying up to in Tehran: Ahmedinejad.

The Iraq Study Group’s report makes it clear that the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people must act to achieve a stable and hopeful future. But given their past history as a people, that doesn’t sound too promising. Skillful implementation on the part of the United States would have acheived far greater impact at the initial outset of this war had we gone in and leveled the sandbox into a glowing glob of glass.

U.S. foreign policy is doomed to failure – as is any course of action in Iraq – if the United States doesn’t exhibit some real resolve to brutally overwhelm its enemies. Talking to your enemies, and trying to get them to “understand” you in some sort of “touchy-feely” way only shows cowardice and weakness. Extremists understand brute force, and indeed, respect it. Remember Gadhafy after we bombed Tripoli in ’82? It kept him quiet for over 20 years. Perhaps we could use a few lessons in diplomacy from the Israelis when they take extreme measures against their enemies.

Our men and women in the military have demonstrated extraordinary courage and have made the ultimate sacrifice. We are indebted to them and they deserve more than what we have given them. They deserve a courageous government that has back bone and resolve, and one that will give them what they need: more boots on the ground to acheive the tasks at hand, not less.

Many Iraqis have sacrificed on behalf of their country, but sadly, not enough. Otherwise, they would have a much better leadership than they have right now. It is their country, and if they want to be free, then they will have to understand that this thing called freedom is not an experiment like democracy, and that it may take them another 200 years to “get it”.

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2 Responses to “The Iraq Study Group Report”

  1. The Bush administration sold this mess to Congress and Americans.

    I claim that it was because GW Bush was put in the White House by the Neocons to invade Iraq and it is well documented that the plans to invade Iraq came off the shelf the day Bush became president.

    I could conceiveably be wrong. Maybe Bush’s motives were higher than that and I am one of those mean and disingenuous Bush haters.

    The mess is monumental and is going to be difficult for anyone to resolve. It is like when you owe the bank one million, the bank owns you but when you owe the bank 100 million, you own the bank!

    My idea is to vigorously explore the issues involved in the partition of Iraq. I would cost about as much as one hour of “stay the couse ” in money, no lives and would much enhance our international reputation.

  2. Looking For a Rat-Race “Escape Plan”?

    Q: How do you know when gas prices have spiraled totally out of control?

    A: When gas station owners start boycotting their own businesses!

    With the average price topping $3.25 a gallon, A.P. reports some owners are closing down shop in protest to their own suppliers.

    Meanwhile, millions of American commuters are paying through the nose just to get to work and back. And paying, and paying…

    Sick of spending upwards of $40 to fill the tank? Tired of life passing you by from behind the steering wheel?

    Maybe it’s time to think about your “Plan B.”

    Maybe it’s time to vow you’re getting out of the rat race, and you’re going to do something about it RIGHT NOW.

    Sit down and read this letter with a cup of coffee and see if it’s time for you to get out of this rat race.

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