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Does Your Job Stink?


by Ernest O’Dell – Blanco, Texas

You probably see that subject line in a lot of emails and spam, don’t you? For some people, it grabs their attention because their job really does stink. Others, they either like their job and find fulfillment in it — or they simply don’t care.

So, what do you do when you’re up late at night after a long day at work where your employer just dissed you like a snot-nosed kid? You go around on the Internet looking for the next “opportunity”, or the “latest and greatest” scam.

Before you join up in another “network marketing” opportunity – or an MLM – let me ask you one thing first:

If someone had a free report available on all the pitfalls and fallacies of network marketing and MLM, would you read it?

Well, it just so happens that a report exists by the title of “Discover The Dirty, Ugly Truth About Network Marketing and MLM“. Just click here to download it free. They won’t even ask for your name and email addy.

Ernest O’Dell is a freelance writer for The 100 Grand A Month Club, Power Satellite TV, and The Blanco Republic. He also contributes to the Blanco County News, several other online venues such as blogs, ezines and magazines.


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