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Writers Are An Opinionated Bunch – Part One


by Ernest O’Dell
The Blanco Republic
Blanco, Texas – USA

Writers are an opinionated bunch. The bookshelves are full of works ranging from fiction to non-fiction, biographies to autobiographies. Diaries and journals of some very famous people are even published, as is the case with former President Ronald Reagan. I’m just waiting for the Rush Limbaugh diaries to come out.

Hello Rush! Are you listening? People are, indeed, interested in what you have to say. And I’ll have to admit, you’re probably one of the most “listened to” opinionated fellows on the airwaves. And yes, I read your site often.

I guess, as long as we’re making our readers (and listeners) happy and angry at the same time, writers – and talk show hosts – are doing something right.

Myself, if I didn’t catch some flack for my personal opinions in the Blanco County News, I would wonder if anybody reads the paper anymore. But, alas, I don’t have to worry about it, because now people point their fingers at me when I’m in a restaurant. They whisper to each other, “There he is! He’s the one!”

Boy! One would think that would make the hair stand on the back of my neck, but it doesn’t. If you don’t “toot” your horn, “won’t nobody know you’re there”. And I guess I took my lessons seriously from Dr. Joe Vitale when he said to “think big”. I’m a big guy, and I do things in a big way. And I toot a big horn.

But, opinions come and go, and tenacity rules. My tenacious comments on a variety of issues are probably what sets me apart from the average bear. Opinions can be changed like the socks you change every day. But beliefs remain constant because, well… like Rush, when you’re right… your right!

Come to think of it, not only are writers opinionated, but copywriters and web designers are, too. Don’t believe it? Take a look at DMS Group.

And, if you’ve an opinion to share, do so! You can share it here in the comments, or you can share it anywhere you wish.

I’m sure I’ll hear about it soon enough. 🙂

Stay tuned. July 4, 2007 marks 231 years that the Founders of this great nation signed their death warrants. I’ll have an inspirational message for you on Independence Day.

Ernest O’Dell is a freelance writer for The 100 Grand A Month Club, Power Satellite TV, and The Blanco Republic. He also contributes to the Blanco County News, several other online venues such as blogs, ezines and magazines. He’s also a very opinionated fellow!


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