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Freaky Saturdays and “weirder” bumber stickers

A lot of people call Austin weird, and I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Keep Wimberley Weirder”. Hmmm…

In my personal opinion, Wimberley, Texas is a magical little town nestled in the Texas Hill Country, just outside of Austin. It became the center of “attraction” on Saturday, July 28, 2007, as Dr. Joe Vitale came to town to sign his new book “Zero Limits”.

I drove over from Blanco early on Saturday morning to help Sally Curtis and Bruce Grether set up. Around noon, it started raining. Was I supposed to say “uh, oh”? I had already “put in an order” for a bright sunny day, and then “let it go.” Whether I “attracted” this or not, I was going to erase this program from my memory banks.

Needless to say, the sun came back out and burned away the rain clouds and it was nice and sunny for the rest of the day. It was hot and humid, too.

Dr. Vitale wasted no time in getting to work signing books, and he was only supposed to be there for three hours. But being the “trooper” that he is, he stayed for an extra two hours signing autographed editions for sale.

(Just in case you didn’t make it to the Rancho Deluxe in Wimberley, you can still pick up a limited edition at their store.)

Suzanne Burns, Dr. Vitale’s Executive Assistant was also on hand with her own creations of jewelry especially designed for Ho’oponopono cleaning. You can visit her site at Intentional

There were a lot of people, friends, and a lot of big names there, too. Pat O’Bryan and Rodney Bursiel (the photographer for the photo credits in the book) were there on hand to tape and photograph the entire event. You can read more about “The Freaky Saturday” at Dr. Joe Vitale’s blog.

Okay. So what do I have to contribute to this? Well, I would like to think that I had some small bit part in this symphony. Bruce Grether and Sally Curtis were instrumental in getting the news out to several venues, and I may have duplicated their efforts with my press releases to the media. (I think we may have even duplicated our efforts on putting out fliers, too. But be that as it may, it all worked very well. Going by the numbers, the more exposure you get, the more attention you recieve.)

I put together some photos into a slideshow on YouTube. If you can’t view it at the top of this page, you can view it by clicking here.


One Response to “Freaky Saturdays and “weirder” bumber stickers”

  1. Speaking of local bumper stickers, I saw one in the Brookshire parking lot that said “WIMBERLEY, if you are in a hurry, you are in the wrong town” Where do I get one, (or two)?

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