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Interesting concept… (what if?)

I knew I had seen those circles somewhere before. Back eons ago (about 20-30 years) I had seen them in an Amway presentation.

Now, don’t leave! This post isn’t about Amway or any other MLM “opp” out there. It’s actually quite the reverse.

Having seen ZeitGeist (the movie) and read Zero Limits, I think the ZeitGeist folks have gotten themselves all lathered up into a conspiracy theory. Their arguments are sufficiently refuted at Michelle’s post about the movie.

Zero Limits has it nailed down pretty tight.

But what do you do after you’re cleared? What do you do when someone comes along and gives you a “leg up?”

You don’t pay them back; but rather pay it forward — 3 times… and then teach each one of them to do the same (each with 3 people).

What would this world be like?

Watch the YouTube trailer Pay It Forward and tell me what you think.


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