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Think Like A Billionaire

Thinking like an entrepreneur can be exhilirating! There’s nothing more satisfying than being your own boss. Yet, so many people find themselves stymied at getting started.

In Donald Trump’s book “Think Like A Billionaire” he takes you beyond the entrepreneurial mindset into that of The Billionaire. It’s a rare mindset, indeed.

In a world of over 6 billion inhabitants, there are less than 600 billionaires. It’s an exclusive club. Would you like to join them?

They will tell you that the odds are against you, but armed with the knowledge and savvy from Donald Trump’s book, it will give you the “edge” to beat those odds.

Besides… billionaires don’t care what the odds are. We don’t listen to common sense and “conventional wisdom.” And we don’t always do what’s expected of us. We pilot our own ships and chart our own course. We do wild and crazy stunts to get media attention and publicity, and we do things that make the more “conventional” types think we’re crazy.

Want to learn the Top 10 Ways To Becoming A Billionaire? Then you’ve got to get your hands on “Think Like A Billionaire” and read it!

Don’t depend on “conventional wisdom.” Get Donald Trump’s book today! has good prices on it, and it’s well worth it.


3 Responses to “Think Like A Billionaire”

  1. I guess I’ll never be a “billionaire” – because I can’t even conceive of, much less understand, what “billionaire” means!! And I’m not that interested in having that much money. I just want to pay off all our bills – including the mortgage – do some renovations on our house (including installing a pool and jacuzzi for pain therapy and exercise), get that scooter I need, and get a couple of new cars (to transport the scooter). Not much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a considerable amount for me.


  2. I think one of the reasons why some people can never see themselves being rich or wanting to be rich is because of their view of money. Most individuals see money as a means to get “things” for themselves – personal gratification or for achieving personal goals. It’s more than that. Our thinking is our problem.

    Think of this for a second (if you can): suppose you had a vision to feed one million homeless people a month for the rest of your life and beyond (like my wife and I are in the process of doing). You see, once you have a burning desire to help people in a similar way such as this, not only would you need to be rich or have rich resources, but your thinking would automatically change from one of poverty, to one of impossibilities – that would you having wealth, great wealth to accomplish. You would no longer have your eyes fixed on yourself, but you would lose your selfishness, and focus on more important things like caring for and helping your fellowmen/women (globally) – But this is only possible if we are not so self-centered.

    Whatsoever a man thinks, that is what he will become. For we become what we think about.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Bobby E. Miller
    Author Christian Business Ethics

  3. Sorry for taking so long to approve your comment Bobby. I haven’t been checking on my blogs as I should, and I need to turn on the notifications… something I haven’t done with all of them.


    Ernest O’Dell
    The Blanco Republic

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