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Cotton is “King”… or so they say

There’s not much to do out in the country except work the cotton fields and pray that you get it all in before the first snow. Some farmers didn’t make it this year as it snowed on Thanksgiving Day out in Sundown. An eastern front blew in from New Mexico and brought some of the white stuff down on top of some of the crops. I guess they’ll have to collect on their crop insurance. (It would probably pay more than what they could sell it for…)

Modules of cotton sitting in the fields

Just to the west of those modules, there’s a crew with a work-over rig working on one of the bottom hole pumps. “Pump jacks” – as they’re known out here – proliferate as much as the dogs at Prairie Town. They’re like rabbits out here.

Work-over rig

The snow won’t last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts. There’s a tall pine tree out in front of the house. It was planted back in 1959 and has grown to about 50 feet tall.

Big Pine

The old house has been here for going on 48 years. There’s been a lot of happy memories here: Thanksgivings and Christmases, family reunions with my grandparents and parents.


Dad has been gone almost a year now. It’s not the same without him around.


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